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For the person who takes the time to follow the symbolism from the Old Covenant into the New -the evidence is absolutely staggering! You know it's sorta like a game: Hooking up with the most masculine guys while avoiding anything the reeks of "GAY". This is the AUTHENTIC Brotherhood Of Men (BOM) group.It has survived extreme attacks from the left & right.A method has been designed to allow the motivated g0y to run his own g0y group - while getting a listing-link from the MAIN G0Y's group!Whatever your "slice of G0YDOM", we want you to feel included, but not constrained by the feel of the hard-line'd brand of g0y ideology that some think exists on the main g0y's site located at & a full allotment of text.While the specific "rules" around some sorts of abstinence are purely cultural; -There is a large body of medical, scientific evidence that shows clearly that (1) sex-act (fetish, actually) in particular should be on the "perpetual list of abstinence": Anal Sex! For a long time, I thought I was totally the only guy on earth who had these feelings. It's more of a curiosity that developed sifting Internet material on what website developers use as niche marketing.

Some guys do this to serve local interests of g0ys in their area, & others do it because they feel pulled to serve a particular demographic of the population - sometimes with some minor ideological distinctions to the primary g0ys group.

After all, you're basically a regular guy who behaves like any other regular guy. But, deep inside, you deal with strong feelings of real warmth genuine affection for other guys too.

You've seen the media's take on the "gay" community; & not only do you N0T relate to that image, but you find many of the practices repulsive to your basic value system.

Saunas were great after sports or working out because of the bareskin-factor. The fact is that 2 out of every 3 guys likes scoping hott guys. I figured it out early: If you don't give/take "it" up the arse, then you're N0T "GAY".

Aggression, erections, muscles, sports, sweat, strength, sexdrive & testosterone: MALE. What's nuts is that we live in a culture where people automatically think about "butt-phuck'n" when someone says "g Ay" - so we're staying away from the 'g Ay' label!

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