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But looking at features it seems something to consider. The UV tools are powerful but very easy to use and, for me, the retopology tools have been really handy for quickly prepping meshes for 3D printing.

You need to pick the correct mesh/part/uvmap to start painting like Modo. Maybe they updated it now but it was annoying back then. It's easier to learn and plays well with Light Wave.

I think quixel is great for people who do a lot of pre-production prototyping in 3D.

From my limited use of Substance Designer, it felt more like a technical direction tool than an artist tool by comparison.

And also there is a reason it is called Substance Designer.

I have seen my guys use it and make good use of the painting and masking to do nice work.

The workflow does allow of course a very quick prototyping workflow as you say though Jason.

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