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At the time, there were NO actual mom-blog reviews of this monitor (there were a few on youtube that all seemed to be the same, created by the Wifi Baby “team” most likely), and currently there are still only a few out there. ), and also has a wide viewing angle so you can see a good amount if you are zoomed all the way out.

There was speculation and a few negative comments here and there too. And because I found nothing, I felt pretty insecure about dropping 9 (!!! After a while they emailed me back and basically told me I had to buy one myself to do a review, or I could borrow one for like a week, then return it (I wanted to review it but not badly enough to do it for zero compensation, and if I liked it not even get a discount on the purchase for my effort…). I chose white because it would better blend in with Anneliese’s furniture and things, but I have read that the black version has even clearer night vision because there is no reflection of light (from the LEDs) off of the plastic of the camera itself.

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“Why isn’t there a baby monitor system that works with the i Phone? It just seemed silly to me to carry around TWO touch screens, when one should work.My phone is usually on my person, and as long as I plug it in at night, I rarely have to think about charging it, so this would be perfect! IP cameras are available at a range of price points, and with a variety of features.My searching took me to the Wifi Baby Video Monitor, which seems to be (in 2011) semi-well-known among techy mamas. I’m not sure what IP stands for, but it means that it can connect to your wifi network (or can be plugged in with ethernet) WITHOUT being connected to a computer (another option I had seen and immediately ruled out was a camera that only worked when your computer was on. It has night vision/infrared that works up to 26 feet or so – MORE than adequate for any nursery or child’s room, can pan and tilt to view nearly an entire room (depending on where you mount it), has a mic and even speakers (so you can talk to your child from far away!I knew a few new moms who had gotten it and RAVED about it, and I liked that the camera had remote panning ability so that more of the room would be visible (important since we use a floor bed with Anneliese, so she can crawl off of her bed and ideally go play with her toys when she wakes up).I’ve also grown accustomed to the touch screen of my i Phone and generally dislike buttons now.

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