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HBO Go, for example, allows up to three concurrent content streams; engineers could throttle that back.

Or they could force users to register a limited number of devices for use with their streaming service.

The account has been accessed by at least 25 people, and counting.

Netflix has shown little sign that it is concerned about such widespread account sharing, however—and for good reason.

In the words of HBO’s CEO: “We’re in the business of creating addicts.” Each streaming service sets its own rules on account sharing.

Generally, it's fine to share your log-in credentials with family members living at home, and it's probably okay to provide the information to kids who are away at college.

Each illicitly shared single, album, film, and TV episode represents an enduring loss for the company that owns it.

Once you have one digital copy of “The Lego Movie,” there’s no reason to buy another one later. Once hooked, users will keep coming back for fresh content every month—and they’ll still want it even if today’s freewheeling culture of shared log-in credentials comes to an end.

“And they don’t want to alienate their user base.” That’s a lesson learned from the missteps of the music industry. Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. Company priorities aside, it is unclear whether people who widely share log-in credentials are breaking criminal laws, at least outside of Tennessee.Despite the superficial similarity, streaming video providers aren’t facing the same danger that the music industry did in the early 2000s, when digital file-sharing services such as Napster were cutting into physical CD sales and companies fought to shut them down.Streamed content is different from pirated movies, songs, and television shows that are distributed as bootleg discs or as downloadable torrents.

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