Alltel celltop not updating

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With all the smart-phones that we cover here on Gear Diary, it can be easy to overlook a huge segment of the mobile market…the dumb-phone.No, these phones don’t have low IQs and they certainly aren’t stupid, they just don’t offer the PC-like capabilities and advanced features which are generally associated with phones running the Palm, Symbian, or Windows Mobile operating systems.This means that their phones do not use SIM cards, and they can offer EVDO in certain geographical markets, with a minimum of 1x RTT in slower ones. This wasn’t a complete surprise however; my analog ranch line was carried by Cellular One for years, which was recently bought by Alltel (in the San Angelo market, at least).

Since they are not flexible rubber, they do not stretch and lose their shape as other phones’ port covers are prone to doing; I truly appreciate this seemingly minor touch.Please note that I assume this phone shows as roaming because it is not from the San Angelo area.In contrast, my Alltel Samsung is never roaming here.“An exclusive, patent-pending technology that offers customers an easier way to access, manage and organize a wide range of information already available on their Alltel Wireless phones.Celltop gives customers more control over their wireless experience through a unique and fully-customizable technology similar to the desktop on a personal computer” Sounds like a great concept, and I’m all for ANYTHING that helps making a phone easier to navigate, but patent-pending?

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