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If you’re studying language for religious or academic purposes, then you’d benefit from a coursebook in Classical Arabic (or Biblical Hebrew) which are much more detailed about grammar, old vocabulary and exegesis.Otherwise, the majority of resources available for Arabic are for Modern Standard Arabic (one of my favourite being this one) and from what I understand all Modern Hebrew resources are for Standard Hebrew as there are no major dialect distinctions in Israel comparable to those in the Arabic-speaking world.As far as I’m concerned, the FSI’s placement of Arabic and Hebrew in those categories is absurd.I’d also like to know how the hell Amharic (the Semitic language of Ethiopia with the much more challenging Ge’ez script and more unfamiliar culture to English speakers) is easier than Arabic.

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One more thing: in case you’re looking for an online resource to learn Arabic or Hebrew, these are the best available in terms of quality: Arabic Pod101 for Egyptian, Moroccan and Modern Standard Arabic. Judeo-Christian/Islamic theological studies), a standard dialect to engage in business or to monitor current affairs (Israel/Palestine, terrorism, etc.) or a colloquial language for travel to engage and form relationships with local people.

With Arabic in particular the most common question asked by people is: in the language then pick a dialect (preferably the dialect of the region you’re planning to travel to) or a widely understood one like Egyptian.

I’ve already mentioned the best series ever made for the Egyptian dialect, but there are plenty of others for other dialects whether you choose one like Moroccan or Iraqi (unfortunately dialects like Sudanese and Tunisian have fewer resources but I’d recommend starting with Egyptian if you’re interested in them anyway).

Even just a basic knowledge or awareness of various forms can enable you to take pretty accurate guesses at the meaning: to learn in comparison to other languages.

As I said above, people ask which dialect is the best to learn a lot and make a big deal about dialect variation as if this affects the difficulty level of the language.

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