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Ingesting The Skale allows users to remove food from their systems and lose weight.The device shipped with multiple safeguards, but savvy hackers have already posted code spikes on the extranet that allow full control of the device's anti-digestion settings.Though often celebrated secularly, the holiday is not without its spiritual side - observant humans use the days to contemplate the inner light, or "soul", that transcends the physical form.” “A recent natural disaster on the colony planet Taharon has rendered most of its available fresh water toxic.

The following is an Archive of Cerberus Daily News reports from November of 2010.

"The turians have long held military power as a touchstone to cultural identity.

This exhibit acknowledges that our proud legacy has a price." The museum holds never-before-seen relics such as declarations of war on various planets throughout the Krogan Rebellion period and a wall dedicated to those killed in action during humanity's First Contact War.” “Systems Alliance rescue workers rushed to save Binary Helix employees trapped in a flooding underwater research facility on Europa today.

Hostilities appear to have ceased, however, since the arrival of several Blue Suns freighters and a rumored meeting between gang leaders in an undisclosed nightclub on the station.

The Citadel Council is maintaining its advisory against travel to Omega, noting that this peace may only be temporary.” “Salarian historians are petitioning the University of Serrice to return artifacts taken by asari anthropologists from the colony of Mannovai 400 years ago.

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