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And there are the openings and closings of the show, the blueprints that we do.Those are very structured and mannerist conversations that actually get more difficult as we go on. After all these years, expository conversations can feel a little stagey. You don’t want to ask the audience to sit through the same thing a million times. I know this is sensitive, but I must ask: Can you talk about the cast departures and the reason behind that?

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“Are there [potential team], and they were totally into it.Kari, Grant, and Tory are good friends of ours and we love those guys. The actual reasons for them going—while we have certain understandings of what went on, that’s a contract discussion between Discovery and those guys. But as the show evolves over the years, you do have to make changes, and you do want to keep it fresh.In the very beginning, we were barely doing any of the actual storytelling, we just had cameras following us. As Jamie and I got more interested in the job, and really took ownership of the show, those stories got more complex. Do you remember that viral video about the honey badger? It’s not something I mind talking about because I actually think there’s very useful information there. We know as much or more about each other than even close friends do because we’ve been at the center of this show for the last 12 years.We set out to test Bart throwing the cherry bomb into the toilet that makes all toilets in the school act like geysers.Then there’s one in which Homer’s house is about to be destroyed by a wrecking ball and Homer places his body between the wrecking ball and the house to keep his house from getting destroyed.

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