Asus p527 updating to wm6 1

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asus p527 updating to wm6 1-75asus p527 updating to wm6 1-35asus p527 updating to wm6 1-60

When I launch it, a window appear indicating that WMDC has stopped working and the given details are : Description: Stopped...I installed by running your exe from the Storage card (just in case that makes a difference) I suppose that your Opera is not installed in the default \windows\opera9\ path.In that case (for now), you will have to run this tool from Opera's folder. Best regards, a DEO does this really enable flash without having to install flashlite?There is a download you can get from Samsung to solve the problem: It is a Samsung USB Driver installer on the Samsung thing to try is to uncheck the checkbox under usb to pc in the connections window.

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