Atlanta dating interracial

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Pretty much I want to know if a successful, good looking, and confident Indian guy in Atlanta can score with a beautiful blonde White American female.

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The perimeter is roughly 10-14 miles outside the city in most places.

So you're fine ITP or OTP, as long as you're in metro Atlanta, that's all that matters.

Fulton County's population is 40% white and 60% non-white (...47% white, 53% non-white in 1980).

Gwinnett County's population is 42% white and 58% non-white (...96% white, 4% non-white in 1980).

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People will try to paint a kumbya picture of Atlanta, but the truth is many people judge you for what you wear, how you speak, where you work, what you do for work etc etc yada yada. The ones that won't get it or the older whites like many have said.

Clayton County's population is under 15% white and over 85% non-white (...91% white, 9% non-white in 1980).

Cobb County is the only county of Metro Atlanta's core five-county area where whites still make up a majority of the population (Cobb County's current population is 55% white and 45% non-white....

They neglect to realize that Gwinnett county, which is entirely OTP, is the only county in the metro area that is minority majority.

Fulton, De Kalb, and Cobb can't say that....why would an interracial relationship be more of an issue in a minority majority area than ITP? As was previously mentioned, you have to get a good 50 or miles outside Atlanta before you start running into anybody who might even notice.

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