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Instead, you just connect through a domain name server, also called a DNS server or name server, which manages a massive database that maps domain names to IP addresses.

Whether you're accessing a Web site or sending e-mail, your computer uses a DNS server to look up the domain name you're trying to access.

However, if a hitter doesn't play for more than a day or two he tends to get out of rhythm, and teams with a few days off will normally play one or two practice matches (but not involving their pitchers).

For example, when you enter "https:// in your browser, part of the network connection includes resolving the domain name "" into an IP address, like .42, for How Stuff Works' Web servers.The first round of the playoffs (known as the "Divisional Series") are played over the best-of-five games (the first two at one venue, then two at the other, then a fifth at the first venue if required), with the higher ranked team having "home field advantage" (i.e. The second round of the playoffs (known as the "Championship Series") are played over the best-of-seven games, with home field advantage meaning four home games (two games at one venue, three at the other, then two more at the first venue).In the first round, the no.1 ranked team plays the no.4 ranked team (and no.2 plays no.3), unless they came from the same division, in which case 1 plays 3, and 2 plays 4. If a team can clinch a postseason series early it's a big advantage, as they can rest their players and "set up" their pitching rotation for the next series (if your star pitcher had to play in the final game of the Divisional Series, he won't be rested enough to pitch until the middle of the Championship series).It has less formal and less complicated rules and procedures than other courts.For example, the forms you use in Small Claims Court are the fill-in-the-blank type.

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