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And nearly every time, Alex has become so aroused he must have “my needs met.” He laughs, then adds, “Once I’m taken care of, it makes it easier for me to let somebody else (screw) my wife.” He guesses his wife has slept with “about 20” other men — all different flavors, but all bigger than average (and bigger than Alex) where it counts. “If you’ve never done it, I can’t explain it,” says Alex. People say it’s because we’ve been married so long and we’re bored. We have a great sex life together, but we’re both adventurous. Both insist they’re immune from jealousy: “It’s only sex,” Susan says.

She knows I’m watching and that turns her on, too.” Occasionally, they engage in a full swap, which means Alex will have sex with the other man’s wife; or a soft swap, which means no penetration — he can receive oral sex from a woman with Susan’s blessing. “We’re not falling in love with them.” Whatever your sexual appetite — say, you both want to be with a woman, or you both want to be with a man, or she wants to be with several men at once, or she likes husky men and you crave female leprechauns with foot fetishes — well, you can find it out there.

If you’ve got the guts or the inclination to act, you’ll discover we’ve come a long way from those 1970s car-keys parties, baby.

Or, to put it simply: “No matter who you are, you can find people who will (screw you),” Alex says.

Susan had stipulations: The guy had to be fit and a nonsmoker.

He had to be well-endowed (and able to prove it with photos).

I am amazed my potential mates are so shallow - but flattered to be suddenly so bombarded with requests I almost can't keep up.

She tells me a hair raising story about accidentally flirting with two brothers through Tinder at the same time.

The couple then traded e-mails with three studly types, ultimately deciding the unmarried 33-year-old landscaper, now the skinny guy sitting at the bar, would be the best fit.

He was chosen because Susan found him attractive and his profile included testimonials from previous SLS women. And just as importantly, judging by the photos, when this guy pulls down his boxers, he could make Secretariat blush.

I end up with a choice of five for a date on Friday night.

As a veteran of practically every dating site known to man, I'm immediately impressed with it.

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