Blind dating lebanon

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Male applicants also have to go through a strict selection process, with requirements such as personal assets eclipsing 30 million RMB or an annual income of over 1 million RMB being a necessity, as well as an industrial and commercial business licence, property, a car, proof of bachelorhood, a clean criminal record and so on. But are these blind dates for the wealthy a waste of everyone’s time?

“The first event saw 29 couples get together, while the second resulted in 38 pairings.

One of the men was 39-year-old multimillionaire Dong, who ended up on the stage of the boat with two women who caught his eye.

The owner of the agency then went on to tell the story of one girl in her 20s who did just that.

Wen Han, who grew up the countryside, now works for a scientific research institute in Wuhan having graduated from university.

Liu met his future wife, Xiao Yu, who is an air hostess, at one of Qu’s matchmaking events.

When they got married, they even invited Qu to be a witness at their wedding.

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