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Bret Michaels commented then and now that he’s not great at traditional heterosexual dating, given that he’s been touring the world in some capacity since he was 15 years old.

I’ve previously written a little bit about how contemporary youths struggle with global recognition, but people like Bret Michaels wrote the book on it before the internet.

Their fashions and lingo read like a 2004–08 mood board for a subset of American My Space users who would probably find something soothing in mixing Miranda July with pre-2007 Britney Spears.

I now know calling people “lame idiot skanks” is problematic on multiple levels and largely frowned upon in professional culture, but women like Farrah let me know that I would be accepted even if I couldn’t get above C in high school chemistry.

As a parent myself who has recently instilled proactive resolution to a situation against my own daughter I encourage everyone to come together for resolution as this is out of control & requires zero tolerance.

Over the next few weeks I am going to get proactive on all fronts, but today our hearts go out to those affected in Florida.

Bret Michaels has a cologne, obviously called Roses and Thorns, with some of the most laughably bad product copy I have ever read.

From the Roses and Thorns website: “After many months of trial and error and even a few shirt burnings, the final Roses and Thorns scent was locked.

Bret Michaels brings his high energy live show to Horsehoe Casino’s Bluesville on Friday April 27, 2018.

Combining exhaustion with bottom-shelf liquor and anxieties stemming from housing insecurity and competitive polyamory makes for iconic moments, like the time an emotionally fragile former porn actor wrote five pages of wedding vows for the Wedding Challenge, the first challenge of that season; or the girl who got drunk and cried on a parking lot speed bump for hours; or the girls who consider titles like Miss Hooters of Illinois or Cyber Playmate of the Month 2006 or Penthouse Pet 2009 as aspirational.

Performing unpaid intellectual labor is the cornerstone of starting out as an artist, writer, etc.

“I competed to date Bret Michaels in 2006” is the sort of thing you might overhear in the North Hollywood CVS: boring to most people, but deeply fascinating to people like me, who are considering “North Hollywood CVS” as the theme for our First and Real 29th Birthday. All of their shows were produced by Endemol and 51 Minds Entertainment.

That whole programming block changed my destiny and informed how I view the world. Endemol is a Dutch media empire that has had its hands in producing contemporary reality TV guilty pleasures ranging from national successes to wild obscurities, like : 20–25 women lived in a sprawling Mc Mansion and competed in game show-based challenges to win dates with Michaels (copy/paste from Flavor Flav to New York, et al.) and were eliminated one-by-one until Michaels found his “Rock of Love.” The show lasted for three seasons, the last of which was based out of two tour buses filmed concurrently with a tour of his solo album.

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