Carbon dating radiation type

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As a result shorter visual waves refract more than do longer ones.

Refracted light is therefore "dispersed" or spread out into its spectrum, creating a rainbow -- or the spectrum of a star.

(A curved mirror can create a similar image by reflection.) The speed of an electromagnetic wave in a medium depends on its wavelength.

Violet light is slowed in a glass of water significantly more than red light.

Refraction by a curved lens focuses radiation to create an image.

Turned to the sky and attached to a detector, the lens becomes an astronomical telescope.

In a crude sense, these particles, called "photons," carry the waves.

The smaller the wavelength of the photon the more energy it carries, that is, the greater the ability of the photon to act on some physical substance. You can live near a high-powered radio transmitter with no effect on you and are quite unaware of all the radio photons that constantly surround and pass through you.

The violet limit therefore falls at 4000 A and the red limit near 7000 A or a bit longer.Shorter-wave photons have increasingly potent effects. Infrared is felt as heat, visual radiation excites the chemistry of the eye, ultraviolet burns, and no one wants to stand in front of an active X-ray machine for long.A single gamma ray photon can carry the energy of over a million million million radio photons.The named divisions are artificial and serve only to block out large spectral segments.Though light and its partners can act like waves, at the same time they can act like a stream of particles.

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