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Jen would frequently goad him into arguments in the hopes of rousing a spark of life, but invariably Steve would bend to her will and slink away. Privately, he complained that she was impossible to please. I just can’t win.” He was blind to the fact that his efforts to please her had created a perverse cycle of disappointment.

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Professor Gad Saad reported that American woman initiate 69% of divorces; the most recent British statistic is 72%. Gunther, who specializes in repairing relationships, described some of the unhappily divorced men she meets in her office: “I am currently dealing with several of these great husbands. Who can blame women for being bored with men these days?Since he had never practiced defining or defending his own values, he was unable to constructively negotiate differences of opinion.In effect, an important piece of his vocabulary was missing.It’s a product of solid values and strong backbones.Let me tell you about Jen and Steve, a young married couple I knew. She hated the way he hid in the basement and smoked pot.

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