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How would you dress up Selena Gomez if you were her fashion advisor? Emma Watson was a cute little girl and now she is an elegant young lady.

Rachel the celebrity tailor is participating in a wedding dresses contest.

Did you know that she decides her costumes on her own even if she's going to a spectacular gala? Just look at her; isn't she so pretty and beautiful?

Looks like we have lots of things to learn both about and from her! Today she'll participate in a gala and all she needs is you to give her a flawless makeover!

Paparazzi pics captured Demi and Wilmer enjoying a lunch together at Sol Y Luna, a Mexican restaurant in the Valley, and eyewitnesses that were there Adam Rippon is the gift we don't deserve!

Help Eleven and the Party choose the best clothes for their next mission to Mirkwood, the Upside Down or wherever it takes them. If you love her as well, this is totally your game! Here's a great chance to make an unforgettable memory!

We brought you the shiniest make-up products and most vibrant hair colors! Justin Bieber's agent confirmed that he will pick one girl from the crowd in the upcoming award ceremony in New York.

And David is rocking every outfit and hair model he has. Help Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson dress up elegantly for the cameras. You'll also have tasteful accessories and make up options for Emma. One has a crazy sense of fashion and the other is just lovely! You can see her in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but you still think she's looking good! Would you like to dress her before one of her concerts?

Inspire these two celebrities to make the right choices! But please try to convince her to wear something a little bit normal. Why don't you try and show what kind of changes you'd prefer?

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