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It wasn’t just college guys who struggled with opening up to their friends. He hadn’t seen a doctor despite the debilitating effect it was having on his life because he couldn’t afford the medical bills.

This seemed almost absurd to me, given the very different health system here in Australia.

He didn’t feel he could talk with his parents about his worries as they were focused on his older brother who had made previous suicide attempts.

She was religious and both her and her boyfriend wanted to wait until marriage but they kept having ‘slips’. I talked to a guy who was in his final year of high school.

He had just been diagnosed with ADHD, along with a previous diagnosis of depression and anxiety.

There was nothing revolutionary about any of these conversations. The typical indie movie story where an outsider white guy has no real connections and overthinks everything.

My immediate reaction to these early conversations was to hypothesise that people from this demographic don’t have the real authentic conversations that women friends do.

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