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First of all we have the "psychic Adam", whom the demiurge Jaldabaoth with his "seven emissaries" (Genesis 1.26 is drawn upon here also) creates after the image, reflected in the water of chaos, of the "holy perfect Father, the first man in the form of a man".Thus the device of imitation is again made to serve the powers of darkness, but of necessity it must be imperfect and finally needs the help of the powers of light, who thereby are able to ensure the fulfilment of the secret purpose of the plan of salvation.She prays "the Father of the all" for help; he has recourse to deception (this is evidently quite permissible in dealing with the evil powers): "By a holy decree he sent the "self-originate" (autogenes) and the four lights in the form of the angels of the first archon.They gave him advice, that they might bring out from him the power of the mother.They said to him: "Breathe into his face (something) of the spirit (pneuma) which is in you, and the thing will raise itself up". " In this way the pneumatic seed finds its way into the psychic Adam, and is thus no longer subject exclusively to the control of the powers of darkness.

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When one of the two manuscripts is defective, its original reading can often be restored from the other. A short version, which is represented by Coptic MS NHC III, differs from the others in certain details of phraseology and systematic theology; as a Coptic translation it differs in style and vocabulary from all the other Coptic versions. Another short version, which is represented by Coptic MS p. 8502, also differs in certain details of phraseology and systematic theology; as a Coptic translation it differs in style and vocabulary from all the other Coptic versions. The long version has been chosen for translation here because of its apparent coherence; however, scholars have not determined which version is the original.There is a near-consensus that this gospel had its origins as a "signs" source (or gospel) that circulated within the Johannine community (the community that produced John and the three epistles associated with the name), later expanded with a Passion narrative and a series of discourses.Jesus's career in the synoptics takes up a single year while in John it takes three, with the cleansing of the Temple at the beginning of his ministry while in the synoptics it happens at the end, and in the synoptics the Last Supper takes place as a Passover meal, while in John it happens on the day before Passover.These "souls of the body" correspond, as is frequently the case in gnostic thought, to macrocosmic powers (providence, divinity, lordship, fire, kingdom, insight, wisdom).Behind this evidently lies the idea of the psychic capacities of man, belonging to the earthly intellectual (immaterial) sphere, in contrast to the supramundane intellectual element which is a gracious gift from the world above.

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