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Freaks should remain at the circus, not in your apartment. Have faith.” If I had just waited around being faithful all my life, I would never have gone out on a single date.

What I got from this books is: women should tip-toe around their dates’ inconsiderate habits, immediately let it go, and then go after what they really want all along.

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The advice is patronizing, seems to assume all women are stupid and emotionally unstable, and simply instructs women to walk on eggshells regarding their dates’ whims and desires.

Basically, men are expected to treat us like shit until they don’t, and we are to accept this and continue improving ourselves until we find someone who doesn’t. It is not that easy to avoid/pick the wrong men from the right men.

If we get hurt because he left us for another girl, we are jealous and bitter.

If we call a guy to see where we are at, we are crazy!

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