Components of working memory updating

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The visuo-spatial sketchpad can be further subdivided into a visual component, dealing primarily with objects and their visible features, such as shape, colour, and texture, and a spatial component, dealing with locations and movements in space.

The strength of Baddeley & Hitch's model is its ability to integrate a large amount of findings on short-term and working memory.

Performance of two simultaneous tasks requiring the use of two separate perceptual domains (i.e.

a visual and a verbal task) is nearly as efficient as performance of the tasks individually.

To identify neural signals associated with context updating, we compared event-related potentials associated with cues that did or did not provide task-relevant context information.

The earliest effect of context was detected 200 msec following cue onset and had a scalp topography consistent with a generator in the PFC.

It is conceived as a supervisory system that controls cognitive processes and intervenes when they go astray.

It is responsible for coordinating the slave systems.

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It is also involved in tasks which involve planning of spatial movements, like planning one's way through a complex building.The slave systems are short-term storage systems dedicated to a content domain (verbal and visuo-spatial, respectively).Baddeley & Hitch's argument for the distinction of two domain-specific slave systems in the model was derived from experimental findings with dual-task paradigms.The main motivation for introducing this component was the observation that some (in particular highly intelligent) patients with amnesia, who presumably have no ability to encode new information in long-term memoy, nevertheless have good short-term recall of stories, recalling much more information than could be held in the phonological loop.The episodic buffer has not been investigated extensively and its functions remain vague.

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