Cost of updating electrical outlets

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Here is a great guide on how you could make your own and save a bit of money: Note that if you don’t already have construction tools, it’s probably cheaper to buy it pre-made.Benches are not only useful, but they can really improve the look of your room.You can get crown molding either online or at a local hardware store.Depending on the style you’re looking at, it should cost you around 0-300, and a few hours of your time on a few weekends.The only tool you’ll need is a mitre box and saw (to cut those corners perfectly).Here’s a full tutorial on installing crown molding: source) Minimalist design is not only beautiful when done right, but also clears up a ton of room in smaller spaces.You’ll need a circular saw and a good drill for this project, along with other common small equipment like safety glasses and a measuring tape.See the full plans and construction steps here: (Image source) This genius shelf can store books and other objects in a bedroom.

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If you don’t mind heading to the craft and hardware store, you can pick up the supplies to make a beautiful shade that won’t hurt your wallet.

One elegant solution is to install a beadboard ceiling. You’ll need to get beadboard from any local hardware store (easy), but then you need to measure it out correctly and cut it so that it fits your ceiling.

While this is fairly easy for the experience DIY-er, it can be tricky lining things up right. Bead board is relatively cheap, but you still don’t want to be ruining slabs by making the wrong cuts.

Starting with some cheap hollow core doors, add on some measured wooden panels to create your base.

A coat or two of paint and some sharp (but inexpensive) hinges are all that is needed to finish off this project. Tools needed: Read the detailed steps: (Image source) It’s a shame when beautiful decor is ruined by a hideous popcorn ceiling.

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