Dating a millionaire ettiquite

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Texting with your new boo should be a follow-up conversation to your face-to-face interaction.

If you’re not talking to your new guy on the phone or in person but rather are sending him paragraph-long texts asking him questions you should have asked in person, this is bad etiquette and not what texting should be used for.

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We never stop to think about how our texting etiquette or lack there of, is effecting the relationships we form and grow.

Moreover, it’s best to keep texts short and sweet anyways because so much can be lost in translation when texting, so it’s always better to say anything that is not mundane, in person.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, making the guy initiate is crucial to your relationships in person and is no different in the social media and texting realm.

Locking eyes with a potential partner over a steaming cup of cappuccino is a dating cliché.

But taking a romantic interest to a coffee shop on a first date will doom 99.9% of dates, according to a relationship guru. No pubs and no coffee shops,” millionaire matchmaker Louanne Ward told Mail Online.

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