Dating a single dad with teenagers

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It takes time to listen and relate to an adolescent. This report also indicates that adolescents whose parents are more involved in their lives (as measured by the frequency of eating meals together regularly, a simple measure of parental involvement) have significantly lower rates of “problem behaviors” such as smoking, alcohol or marijuana use, lying to parents, fighting, initiation of sexual activity, and suicidal thoughts and attempts (U. Adolescents will not simply “open up” to adults on demand.

Effective communication requires that an emotional bond form, however briefly, between the professional and the adolescent.

Professionals must find a way to relate comfortably to adolescents, and be flexible enough to accommodate the wide range of adolescents they are likely to encounter.

And, professionals must recognize that developing effective communication with the adolescents with whom they work requires effort on their part.

With all of the attention given to negative images of adolescents, however, the positive aspects of adolescents can be overlooked.

Professionals can play an important role in shifting perceptions of adolescents to the positive.

Much has been written, both in the lay press and the scientific literature, about adolescents’ mental health problems—such as depression, suicide, and drug abuse—and about the serious problems that some adolescents experience.

The purpose of , however, is not to describe these problems or the therapeutic strategies to address them, but to address them in the context of adolescent development, with a focus on preventing these problems and enhancing positive outcomes even under adverse circumstances.

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Simply presenting information on the negative consequences of high-risk behaviors is not enough.

Having an understanding of normal adolescent development can help professionals be effective communicators with young people.

It is critical that professionals educate themselves about the different cultural and ethnic groups with whom they work in order to provide competent services and to relate effectively one-on-one with adolescents.

Media portrayals of adolescents often seem to emphasize the problems that can be a part of adolescence.

Gang violence, school shootings, alcohol-related accidents, drug abuse, and suicides involving teens are all too frequently reflected in newspaper headlines and movie plots.

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