Dating alfred meakin marks

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Websites such as Marks4and may offer more specific information on the value of certain pieces of Meakin china.

The motif was normally produced in copper lustre although examples of gold lustre have been found — the design was consequently also known as Lustre Spray. Inside the shield the pattern name above the Staffordshire Knot. Barry J Valdeck 20 November 2015 at 18: Index of Designs A - E. Meakin shapes and patterns were subsumed into the Johnson Bros. Some of these were influenced from earlier designs. The firm was taken over by the Wedgwood Group in 1970.The newer wares can be distinguished by backstamp markings such as 'permanent colours' , 'everlasting colour', or 'dishwasher proof'. In 2000 production under the Meakin name ceased and their long-established works, Eagle Pottery, was then used for the production of Johnson Bros pottery.The marks were no longer required after 1952 but many manufacturers continued to use the BY mark for some time after they were legally required to do so. This mark is in the shape of a diamond before 1883. On Meakin the SOL backstamp usually has REGd SOL391413 somewhere in the pattern. The registration can apply to the body shape, the pattern design or even in some cases the trademark itself.After 1883 a very simple numbering system is used and the mark is simply abbreviated as REGd. You can also have two numbers on the one piece, one referring to the shape and the other the pattern.

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