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Traditionally, young Thais would not court unchaperoned by family members for several months.

The purpose was to ensure that no inappropriate physical activity took place between the two, and also for the family to assess the suitability of young man as a husband.

Nevertheless, they must be observed unless you want to be regarded as an unacceptable groom!

The divorce rates between all Thai-Thai couples and Thai-foreigner couples are very similar at around 20% - lower than in western countries in this day and age.

The sin sot, also known as the bride price, is part of the marriage negotiation.

Although outdated, it is still an integral part of modern Thai marriage custom.

Here is some information on these customs to enable you to get a better feel for what is expected of a foreign suitor and potential husband by his prospective wife and her family.

However, in general, the Thai marriage customs ensured that the woman's family agreed that the man was a suitable husband.

Thais did not date as westerners date, but the whole family became involved.

Naturally, nature wins, and some family members could be bribed to disappear for an hour or so, but that does not alter the fact that marriage in Thailand did not take place until the family agreed.

Perhaps before we discuss this quaint custom and we should point out that to Thais, marriage is also a sacred pact between a man and a woman even where the marriage is between a Thai and foreign man (farang).

Thailand is a developing country where each individual must rely on themselves and to a lesser extent, the family unit for support and survival.

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