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Yet, both walked through bigger opponents like few others – no matter their size – have. When you look at the majority of fighters in boxing, you’ll notice that the many of them are ‘top-heavy’.Their training focuses on their upper body; the muscles directly involved in throwing punches and defending against them.Clausdale Mental Infirmary Records Patient: James Crawfield Patient no.: 4325230975Patient condition: Unstable, suffers severe aggressive outbursts at random times, unable to remember outbursts. Most of James’ fellow school mates would have agreed.Details: Patient is to be on lock-down at all times, kept in a separate cell from other patients and only given meals when kept stable through chamber gassing. “He never talked much, except to all the cliched jocks and cheerleaders.But suddenly, the door opening, as a man wearing a green hooded-cloak stood with a dagger.

Just like pain, suffering, and failure help us become better fighters, they also help us develop character and become better people.

The game was 100% normal, if you counted perverse portrayals of women. Ariane wouldn’t reply, clearly, as she was just a computer program.

James loved Ariane, but had no idea that she wasn’t real.

Admittedly scared when he walked into the ring, Tyson faced his fears by acting.

We’ve all heard the term “act as if”, well Mike Tyson embodied that, especially early on in his career.

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