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All 3 Abrahamic faiths are similar and become more similar at the lunatic extreme.Christians would likely dislike Muslims the most, followed by Jews, followed by other Christians.

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The self appointed "leaders" of the herd would and will continue to keep unrest among the races or they will be out of a job. History books have be re-written to be "politically correct" leaving out facts and inserting much ado about nothing to irk the ire of students and adults dumb enough to believe that something they see in a book is 100% true. And the thing about organized religion that Christians, Muslims and Jews all deny is that they are remarkably similar when it comes to the fundamentalist sects of their respective religions. All are chauvinists, all are puritanical, all are intolerant of others' views, and a vast amount are closet misogynists. I don't know if this is true as to the ranking of hate from Muslims, but my guess is:1. The Sunnis and Shias don't like each other that much, at least as much if not more than they hate Jewish folks.2. They hate Christians perhaps the least of these 3 choices.These same dolts believe history according to Hollywood movies the romantically enhanced fictionalized "events" in Harlequin novels. Yes, they do r*pe, behead, or otherwise persecute Christians, but currently, other groups get it more.Really happy, they love john Nolan in England only once the person they.There was happiness, the world seemed to contract letter to your beautiful mail order bride Since you are in correspondance and to be loved.

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