Dating for men rhyme

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If deserving words, once in form complete, Whisper soft sounds of loves' desire impart, E're hapless knights invade my heart; deceit, To sear my flesh and tear my soul apart. Read it slow and several times and you will begin to understand the beauty of this poem. like Groundhog day..a repetatitve routine I would love to strangle the director who created this scene!

my ship is headed out A Date: I went on date with a woman "va va voom! Blond hair and blue eyes, a vision of sweet I wonder if she'll notice im only half greek A greeting we say with quick hug and quick kiss, 12 beers I did have, now im needing to piss She said she liked diamonds and things made of hope she likes romance i caught her this bass.

the express I wish best is heart felt trailsas I search for someone to ride these railsshe puffs into the station with steamy smilesand my masculinity stands the test of these trialsshe wanders her way through a sea of faceswith her piercing eyes full of gracesshe winks her eye and her charm spills overand I feel my heart rolling in green clovera field of dreams she has chugged throughand valleys so low that her universe only knewas clouds disappear and I wait at the gateher strut and sexy smile seal my fatethis woman is just not a prizeful figureshe holds my heart but with a single quivermy arrows fly and sometimes with witshe carries me home like there's no end to itand yet again I sit here comfy and robed I feel like my sincerity and love has been probed I love to share what this woman is to meshe loves me so dear and I think of her continuallyso back to the man with guitar in handwho may live in rhyme squalorbut a season to you and a lexicon collartry not to force a stubborn banterbut feel the taste of a streaming decantera pure heart and a love for witcan sometimes make you a silly twit I could go on for days making stressbut the readers might think I digressto unfold one's heart is a tricky thingand to put it to chord with an electric string I would not be lost in a compromised tonejust realize who is on the thronebe it God, self or a dazzling demonwhen you LQQK in the mirror make sure yur not dreaminjust gather yur thoughts and search deep withinand free yurself from that burdensome sinthe simple life oh what can that be? methodicallybut I digress some more with a bullied styleand find myself in a heap of belial I know not where this begins or endsbut in a POF thread that has severed endshow will I get back to a connection so dearyet to have it censored again a job they hold dearwhile limitless banners fly in the current so highdoes anyone think to ask or know why? You'd think that he would have noticedwhen we hopped right into the bedbut by then he had finally passed out Guess those beers they went right to his head!

this money culture with a proclivity for famehas once again whored out inhibitions and shamein the guise of finding a significant otherthey beat us with anarchy and and a six string buffer I say its not me or you to decidebut yet once again the questions resideour hearts cannot know the breadth and the likewhen our weaknessess drip out at the end of that spikeso POF you have done it again... That Dazzling Dream The lease on love one cannot well defineif oh the joys that he'd be known to feelwhen in this case it's his to underlineher kisses bound his very fate to seal Such magic made that he is mesmerizedand though he'd try (that angel close at hand)more blessings had than ever verbalizedhis tongue's revealed as being made of sand But so it goes when heaven has decreedit's time to cast that former self asidethe day now come that love should intercedethat dazzling dream that's not to be denied Feb.

for in the 13th amendment they made it soand laid out provisions to let we the people knowthat no condition may be without forfeiting your rightsbut if we the people agree we have turned out the lightsto a darkened home, job...

are you a mere fantasy placed in this tundra of true life political fictionor are you the eyes and the ears of this economical friction? and its voluntary servitude placed in visible format?

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