Dating games degrassi dating in munster ireland

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A lonely Holly J can’t afford to visit Declan in New York and worries he might be seeing another girl.Fitz has it in for Eli, but Eli refuses to give into a bully.After Jenna learns she’s pregnant, she worries she’ll have to put the ‘Next Teen Star’ on hold— but is she ready to be a teen mom? Clare and Eli team up for a school project and sparks fly.Connor hatches a plan to meet his online crush behind Mr. Meanwhile, Wesley crushes hard on Anya and hatches a plan to win her heart.

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Sav hatches a plan to see the ‘Dead Hand’ concert behind his parents’ backs—but things take a major left turn.

Meanwhile, Wesley, Connor and Dave start a band to impress the ladies.

When Declan starts to bankroll Holly J, she’s forced to choose between her boyfriend and her independence.

Meanwhile, Dave hatches a plan to get Alli and things backfire.

Fiona finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship with Bobby and struggles to find a way out.

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