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When Oxen realize that partnerships involve two people and two points of view, satisfying matches are possible. They’re extremely hard-working individuals who will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals.

They’re trustworthy, dependable individuals who are not likely to show emotion.

Home is where Oxen go to seek comfort, occasionally watching television or reading.

They prefer the rural outdoors and spend the majority of their “home” time working in the garden or caring for the yard.

Good career choices for oxen include: interior designer, painter, carpenter, quarry worker, archeologist, horticulturist, mechanic, engineer, draftsman, banker, broker, real estate agent and army officer.

Oxen are compatible with a Rat and Rooster and incompatible with a Tiger and Horse.

A trove of fossilised dinosaur eggs was discovered by a group of Chinese construction workers as they blasted rocks and earth, state media reported.

The builders were preparing the ground for construction of a school when they made the discovery, the tabloid newspaper reported.

As they prepared to break down a large boulder after blasting the site, they noticed oval stones and dark fragments about 2mm thick.

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