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It is possible that the findings from this study can prove the difference in eating disorders in heterosexuals and homosexuals.

The study could demonstrate the need for targeted interventions for eating disorders and body image problems.

Sexual orientation having an influence on eating disorders will help the diagnoses and treatment of those struggling.

Identifying eating disorders and understanding whether they are more common in homosexual vs.In the article “Sexual Orientation and Mental and Physical Health Status: Findings from a Dutch Population Survey”, heterosexuals seemed to experience more mental health problems, as well as physical health problems.However, homosexuals had more symptoms of nervousness and anxiety.In “Actual Differences and Stereotypical Perceptions in Body Image and Eating Disturbance: A Comparison of Male and Female Heterosexual and Homosexual Samples”, stereotyping is also a factor in the cause of eating disorders.The pressure of stereotypes can influence on the body image of homosexuals.

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