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Slovak Dating Sites - If you are looking for interesting relationships, we recommend you to become member of this dating site, because members of this site looking for many different types of relationships. And along side I am a man who will never cheat on my partner because ISend me E-mail. Please send a message if you are actually interested, it's definitely more meaningful than a "wink". The father of the six children has told friends: ‘I love all my children and would never hurt them.I came to Britain to work and make a better life for my sons and daughters.Meanwhile, the Slovakian Government has protested to the British authorities about the huge numbers of Slovak children being put into care by social workers, and last Friday a debate at the Council of Europe, which promotes human rights in all European countries, centred on the scandal.A resolution was passed that said children are being removed by UK social services and family courts ‘against the will’ of their natural parents and in violation of the ‘right to respect of family life’ and the ‘principle of fair trial’.The furore blew up when social workers abruptly moved the children from the foster couple because they considered that their support of the anti-EU party, which attracted nearly one million votes at the last election, made them incapable of fulfilling the East European youngsters’ ‘cultural and ethnic needs’.Now, the Mail can tell the story of the children’s birth parents — and reveal growing concerns at the number of children being taken away from Eastern European migrant families for adoption or fostering, at increasing expense to the state.

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The demonstration coincided with a hearing at London’s Court of Appeal in which a Slovak grandmother — supported by the country’s authorities — pleaded for the return of her two young grandsons, who were seized from their parents in Britain two years ago after one of the boys was found to have a rash on his genitals.

The father says: ‘What has happened has broken my wife’s heart.

She has talked of killing herself since her children were taken away.

The TV station asked him to take part in a talk show highlighting how more than 120 children from 40 Slovakian families have been put into care by social workers in England.

Some have been adopted and will never see their parents again.

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