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It is far past time that we stop foraging around in the wilderness trying to placate and treat the hostiles, when we can simply throw up defenses around our known targets. bd As I’m sitting here at the key board, I’m suddenly aware of how random the human mind can be and how many thoughts can sandwich themselves together at one time. This time of the year, I usually wear black T-shirts under an unbuttoned, untucked long-sleeve shirt, wearing it like a light jacket. At the same time, I’m recalling our two days last weekend in New Jersey.

This means I have to remember to trim my beard (using electric clippers: I like it a really short, a salt and pepper shadow). For a change the weather cooperated and didn’t freeze us out and the time spent with my son, daughter-in-law and grand kids (one of each flavor) was absolutely perfect.

Bad guys are like running water: They’ll almost always take the path of least resistance.

The harder a target, the more likely they’ll go looking for some place easier. I’m going to illustrate this mental peculiarity by stripping thoughts off the top of my mental stack like rounds out of a loaded magazine.

So, we love her as much as we can, while we can, and she returns it many times over. As far as that goes, it’s pretty hard to even think about anything else. That’s a wonderful idea but just as impractical as getting rid of ARs. The threats are huge and you only need a small number of nut cases or terrorists to cause catastrophes. In doing so, we might catch a few, like the one in Washington state this week that a grandmother turned in. Our children are our softest and our most valuable target.Then about six weeks ago, he started losing weight like crazy. The second dog, died unexpectedly at 10 years and part of us died with her. The worse school massacre in US history killed 44 (38 students) in Bath, Michigan in 1927 (Google it). Still, I can see how anti-gunners become anti-gunners. I feel as if they should be stamped Made by Mattel. Plus, confiscating them is impossible, just as bussing illegal immigrants out of the country is impossible. Just as the reason that the drug trade is so lucrative and difficult to stop is because the US is such a huge drug market, the same is true of mass shootings.Vet said all his vitals were normal, blood test included. I went for a solid month before I didn’t breakdown at least once during the day. Only suddenly losing my brother at 42 hit me that hard. Oddly enough, the terrorist’s attacks are the most logical. We don’t agree with the ideology, but at least it’s there. Stop drug use in the US and the drug trade will dry up.I’m especially hounded by my mind trying to figure out how to photograph the shadows/reflections in a way that makes sense. Popping up into every vacate space between neurons is the “deadline disease.” Lots of writing and magazine editing to be done and some dark corner of my mind is constantly working on meeting those schedules.It’s the cricket chirping in the corner that periodically turns into an enraged Doberman. I can’t get him off my mind, no matter what else I’m supposed to be thinking about.

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