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When I'm interested in someone I invite them out for coffee or something, but I don't really consider this a "date." It's just a couple people hanging out, not something that has all the expectations of a "date".When my sister was in high school (class of 1970) dating a different boy each weekend was common, and ritualized...called, asked you out, you got dressed up a bit (depending on the date) he came to the door and picked you up, then returned you home by 11pm.

With the obvious disclaimer that I'm not there and I don't know your kids, I think you're misunderstanding what your kids do.

From what I can tell, she did not assume the same with me, either.

While I haven't heard the term "going steady" being used in my generation (I'm 33), I would say that among my peers "seeing each other" is now used for inexclusive dating, and "dating" is used for exclusivity, although one's mileage may vary on those terms, depending on your circle of friends, region, etc. high but I think we just said "Susie's going with Mikey" in high school. I don't remember when there was ever a negative to dating multiple people. And today, as far as I can tell from my kids, "dating" has more or less disappeared. Superficially, the difference between my daughter going out with someone she is interested in vs someone who is just a friend is vanishingly small.

However I feel the OP is refering to relationships in the U18 category.

Then gossip and hearsay become as much a part of what defines the relationship as anything that two individuals might actually be doing.

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