Dating stoneware mineral water jug

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Given the options offered by the pharmacist – and procedures like bloodletting that were still commonly prescribed by early 19th-century doctors – I might have opted for the mineral water as well. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons, see References.) Historically, there are two ways in which afflicted people have sought a cure by water: bathing in it, and drinking it.

Bathing in natural hot springs as well as mineral springs was popular among the ancient Greek and Roman cultures.

It has long been held that certain of the minerals and elements in the water can have beneficial effects on specific ailments.

In the 18 centuries, people may have indeed noticed improvements to their health after drinking it because the water provided minerals missing from the typical diet.

(Adler 2005; Skerry and Hood 2009; Southeastern Archaeological Research Inc., 2010) Evolution of mineral water bottle shapes. 1700-1799 (image source, Museum of London website, see References); bottle ca.

1770 (image source: Skerry and Hood, page 55); bottle ca.

Still today, some people claim that drinking carbonated water can help with indigestion!

Perhaps some people benefitted from actual improvements in their health due to the trace elements and minerals; perhaps some benefitted from the power of positive thinking amidst all of the hype. Stoneware mineral bottles were common from the middle of the 18 century they started to fade out of fashion as cheaper glass bottles became available (and as over-the-counter drugs became more reliable with the passage of the Pure Food and Drugs Act in 1906).

1898-1930 (image source: Museum of London website, see References) century.

Mineral water can be defined as water that while underground, absorbs minerals and metallic trace elements from surrounding rocks (Erfurt 2001).

Beginning in the 18 century, mineral water from Selters was bottled in stoneware vessels and shipped around the world.

German potters known as Krugbacker, or pot bakers, produced cylindrical, brown mineral water bottles from the second half of the 18 centuries simply love the taste and refreshing quality of carbonated water?

Perhaps, but what they primarily sought in natural mineral water was not a tasty drink, but rather a cure for a variety of physical ailments.

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