Dating whiskey bottles

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Some state tax stamps also bear the Tax Rate at the time of issuance (eg $.50 per Gal), and that can be another dating factor to consider, as Alcohol-taxation has changed many times over the past several decades since prohibiton. If you need help dating your bottle through Tax Stamps/Strips, send me a few clear (readable) photos of them, and I’ll get you an answer back on their datings..files are pretty complete on Tax Stamps/Strips from 1934-1975. The only thing it had was a glass seal containing the name of the whiskey and the words Louisville, KY.This seal had been applied to the shoulder of the bottle after the bottle was formed. It’s a very well made, cylindrical and symmetrical bottle of uniform thickness that was somehow made without seams, or the seams had been polished off either during production or after. So knowing that this whiskey was from one of the most well known historical whiskey men, I turned to my next favorite site for help in dating bottles: Google.I couldn’t end this little series without a look at the bottles I picked up from one of my favorite brands of whiskey: Four Roses.Once again I’m presenting a little bit of how I got to where I gave up with each bottle and this time I show that the results you come up with aren’t always as firm as you’d like them to be. If you are a Four Roses fan, you’ve probably heard the name Paul Jones.During all of this period Green River Whiskey was made by different companies.The company that manufactured bottles was Oldetyme Distillers, Inc., a New York City company started in 1934. Look under the bottom of the bottle and you should see numbers.

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All of them said they were from the 1880s or 1890s. If I ever see the bottle seller again, I’ll need to see if he has any further info.

Green River Whiskey has been bottled, as best as can be determined, from about 1904 to 1960.

National Prohibition started in 1920, and the Repeal took effect in 1933. Government warehouses during National Prohibition ... just the confiscated whiskey as it was illegal to distill new whiskey.

Unlike most of the tables, he hadn’t really spent a lot of time polishing the years of age off his bottles.

They looked like they were dug up and washed, still containing all the scuff marks that time and elements had put on them. I opened my usual bottle dating site and found that to my surprise, it was no help.

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