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Marriages rarely fail because of ill will or malice.

It could happen that one or both spouses were unable to create the quality of relationship necessary to establish this sacred bond.

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The process of declaring a marriage bond to be 'null' examines the intention and understanding of both people at the time of their wedding to see if the necessary elements of a full and true marriage were present (i.e., permanence, fidelity, the ability for true companionship and love of the spouses, and openness to generating and educating children).

The declaration of nullity process seeks to determine whether or not there was anything that prevented these elements from being present in the relationship, despite the fact that both individuals may have entered the marriage with the best of intentions.

A declaration of nullity declares that the marriage bond was never validly established at the time of consent according to Church teaching and Church law. The validity of a marriage contract, in civil terms, is based on observance of state law.

A decree of civil divorce ends civil recognition of the union.

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