Doughnut theory of dating Local area free sex chats

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Now, let's not get this confused with guys who are serial daters. Even if the passion/excitement dies, they'll stay in the relationship because the effort it takes to break up, court someone new, and commit, is just too labor intensive for them.

They have no problem testing the waters and seeing if the grass is greener on the other side. More often than not, they stay in those relationships, however, they end up cheating.

And we'll keep looking until we find that illusive One.

We'll sacrafice the superficial things but we'll skimp on chemistry, butterflies, or fireworks.

They began picking up clues that he may have been having an affair.

The obvious thought was that his murderer could've been his lover. When Ex and I were having our big affair, it was convenient for him since I was right down the hall. He could've taken that five minute drive to his girlfriend's dorm to have his "good meal across town" but instead he settled for me--"the donut".

Guys cheat for a number of reasons, and his may not have been because he was unhappy with her.

Even if you've got the girl who's good on paper and is everything you until you find someone who suits you in as many ways as possible.

I think that women have a better concept of work ethic when it comes to finding their mates. If there's a guy who doesn't meet our expectations or leave us feeling fulfilled in the most important areas, we'll leave him in a heartbeat.

Even if we're with a genuine good guy, we'll leave him if the connection isn't there.

But men, for some reason, are more inclined to settle.

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