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While this is not terribly difficult to do, it is a little tricky and you definitely want to do some trial practices before the actual event.

Here are the steps to do this: Get an External Web Conference Microphone/Speaker Needless to say, it would be awkward to teach a face-2-face class with a headset on.

Instructors also enjoy watching the recordings to do a critical reflection on what is working and not working in the class.

These recordings are NOT permanent intellectual property. Think of them as being available ONLY during the current term and NOT available once the term is over.

Narrate a Power Point presentation online live with this web conferencing system, formerly known as Elluminate.

Students may participate in the session with two-way audio, text messaging, a shared whiteboard, surveys, quizzes and more.

Since students are usually too far from the microphone, instructors should get in the practice of repeating the questions or comments so that they can be picked up and heard through the microphone.

The primary purpose for Blackboard Collaborate is to support the academic classroom environment.

If you have "virtual" students attending the session, it might be difficult for the face-2-face class to hear their comments if the output comes through a small speaker in the front of the class.

In this case you might want to experiment having the audio come in the external microphone/speaker and the output going through the classroom speakers.

The system puts a "yellow" rectangle around the entire computer screen to record everything that you display in class.

If your face-2-face students see information on the overhead, then your virtual students see it through Blackboard Collaborate.

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