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And now I must cool down as an onset of hysteria is forthcoming. Gardinier ______________________________ Since this is our first private interview, I will need the appropriate amount of time to review the nature of your condition in it's entirety.

I have gone through our library in its entirety, and every time I discover a book that appears benign, I find myself being mocked by a phrase or sentence.I can assure you that my instruments will be primed and ready so that you will benefit from the administration of its medicine. Reznik, I am not sure you will receive this letter in time before our interview.I wanted to prepare you for my state of being because the waiting appears to be worsening my fragile condition.I fancy that I may appear too eager, or that I am taking your attentions away from more ailing patients.It's seldom that I accept visitors into my domicile, which is why I want to make certain that all the arrangements are made to your liking, with the hopes that you fervently look forward to our sessions. Gardinier ______________________________ As our first session is fast approaching, this may be the last letter from me.

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