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An algorithm evaluates your eligibility or you can be invited by an existing member.

There’s not much info on it, and that’s just how they like it.

The options are gridded from nearest to furthest and the chat can begin from there.

It’s straight up, no nonsense engagements for the bi, curious or gay man. There’s personality quizzes, multi platform integration to make you Insta stalking much easier and a whole lot of info available before you schedule a meet up. If you’re confident your Insta is up to scratch and your personality winning, then jump on board.

Median age is 26 too, but a lot of younglings bump there age so be aware.

The only downfall is the value placed on the image, negating most of our other qualities quick smart.

And rather than reading endless reviews, or waiting for your friends Tinder relationship to progress, we’ve nailed down each platforms strengths. Bumble has flipped the dating game on it’s head, branding itself the feminist option.

Pairing up successful individuals without risking their profile, if you get on let us know what it’s like.It’s great for confident women or guys who fear online dating’s unfamiliar territory.The holy grail of dating apps often gets a bad rap, but for every casual fling there seems to be a burgeoning relationship.Based on a headshot, a quick snapshot of interests and a value of proximity, Tinder believes they can match you with the flick of a finger.The interface is seamless and you know what you’re getting on Tinder.

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