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he was twenty-five, Naveed Merchant, tormented by the tension between his Islamic faith and his homosexuality, swallowed almost three hundred Tylenol pills. It was a joke—they think it’s funny—but for us it was heartbreaking.”The United States may be home to more than a quarter million Muslims who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or queer, according to Imam Daayiee Abdullah, a gay Muslim cleric in Washington, D. He bases the number on the over-all American Muslim population, which is 3.3 million, and demographic projections that between eight per cent and ten per cent of the general population may be queer.“It’s a significant number,” Abdullah told me.His mother and brother found him and rushed him to an emergency room in Southern California. “We’re large enough to be a bloc.” A 2014 poll found that forty-two per cent of American Muslims approved of same-sex marriage.Then I have my community to deal with and I fear being bullied / beaten up around my local area. I'm 16 and it will still be some years yet until I am able to be independent so I feel trapped and it's starting to get me depressed.It would be a miracle if they supported me but I am certain they won't. I was marching in a gay-pride parade in Washington five or six years ago.Naveed Merchant, years after his suicide attempt, sees his own identity crisis reflected in Mateen’s life. He came to the United States in 2000, but still faces discrimination.He still attends mosque, but he is also seen donning mascara and blush to visit gay clubs in Istanbul.The film opens with a declaration by Muhsin Hendricks, the son and grandson of noted Cape Town imams, on South African national radio: “I am Muslim. And I’m gay.” Hendricks had agreed to an arranged marriage and fathered three children, but his wife left him when she learned the truth about his sexuality.

I'm a gay muslim and very proud, I never want to feel like I have to hide my sexuality but its very difficult because of my family, who are all practising muslims.

Omar Mateen’s attack on the gay night club Pulse, in Orlando, the largest mass shooting by a lone gunman in U. history, drew attention to the intersection of Islam and L. CNN reported Wednesday that Mateen had befriended transgender women online. Aware of his sexual orientation since puberty, he said the center’s daily calls to prayer haunted him.

They announced our group as the favorite at the Al Qaeda conference.

“A Jihad for Love,” released in 2007, explores the secret lives of gay Muslims in twelve countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Turkey.

Of the world’s fifty-seven members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, three dozen ban homosexual acts or behavior.

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