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I still actually type each poem out, so I have that experience of becoming intimate with the poem–as if I wrote it myself.

(This reminds me of a story that UF writer-in-residence Harry Crews once told me. That was his apprenticeship…) While a year might be a long time in between issues, I hope you feel like it’s worth the wait after reading these.

The next line, however, causes me to stumble a bit: “above the harvested field.” The -ed on harvested and “the” add syllables that slow down the quick and clipped rhythm established in the opening line.

This has been a tough year insofar as I have begun to adjunct at Emerson College and so have been busy with researching, creating, and then teaching a new course since September.I’m back-dating this a year because I’ve fallen off posting to the blog…Albatross #22 was posted to the main website in May of 2011. The art work on this cover is one of my favorites works of art that we’ve published, and it follows nicely from the bird woodcut on the cover of issue #20.You’ll notice a couple of poets (Lyn Lifshin, Doug Bolling) have poems in both #22 and #23…That was so that I could get them in the issue they were accepted for.

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