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However, there also has to be ambiguity about the commemoration.This is symbolised, perhaps, in a sketch by Hannington himself.After this brief interlude, Antony and Cleopatra’s liaison resumed in 37 BC.Mark Antony and Cleopatra’s relationship did not only hold romantic significance, but also influenced Antony’s political standing in Rome.

Five years later she packed her bags and went travelling the world stopping in Australia and Asia to experience new cultures.

She was in charge of the transition of a selection of major country house hotels to Marriott in the UK before embarking on a new role as director of international operations.

She was based in Washington and head of training and performance support for Marriott, travelling the world again out of the US, in search of “champions” for the group who she trained in her skills before sending them back to their own hotels.

Whilst many will be acquainted with Shakespeare’s play , the tragedy presents a romantic and distorted view of events.

However, it remains dismally accurate that the suicide of Mark Antony, provoked by the belief that Cleopatra had already ended her own life, marked the tragic end of their relationship.

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    Goldwork, that enhances domestic, religious and ceremonial textiles, is still being traditionally worked today.

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