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After a spring fling comes summer love, but what happens to the dating cycle when winter hits is sort of complicated.For some singles, there’s an innate desire to find a mate before the cold weather moves in.Armed with your trusty weapons and armor, you will encounter monsters of all shapes and sizes.You will track down monsters by following their tracks, using environmental hazards to control them, and wielding powerful weapons to take them down.- TThe Deluxe Kit product code is valid only until April 30, 2018.- The Deluxe Kit is also sold separately as downloadable content.

With the rest of the Research Commission at your back, delve into the far reaches of the New World and discover its secrets. Expeditions into these locales are bound to turn up interesting discoveries.Trivia night More and more bars are hosting trivia nights to keep their patrons entertained.Go alone or grab a group of friends the next time you’re in the mood to answer quirky questions about .But the comeback of paperbacks could make bookstores a more viable place for bae hunting now. After a play date with Fido and Sparky, set a human date before the holidays. Couples still meet in the gym in between bicep curls and Pilates.Don’t be afraid to say hello the next time you jump on the treadmill for your morning workout.

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