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For some clients, these boundary conditions are more or less in place when they enter therapy; this is most likely true for individuals with single-episode adult-onset traumas who have good social supports, or children whose single-episode trauma occurred outside of the family system.

For other clients, safety and stability are dimensions on which they have always experienced deficit, and a large component of the treatment may consist of ensuring that these elements are in place before proceeding to more directly address the specific material of the trauma.

It involves moving through a continuous spiral of levels, sometimes so tightly packed in that they seem to be a circle rather than a spiral, other times more clearly separate from one another and more obvious evidence of progress.

Best practices in trauma treatment today, no matter what the specific approach, tend to be guided by a meta-model.

This course material will equip clinicians to have a basic understanding of trauma and its effects, and how to assess those effects across a broad range of diagnoses.

This content may provoke painful feelings for some readers, or bring the reader’s own personal trauma experience to mind.

Survivors of complex trauma are often engaged in trauma reenactments in their adult lives.

This means that they are frequently embroiled in relationships that are physically or emotionally dangerous – or both.

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