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Afghans who settled and integrated into Iranian society in the 19th and early 20th centuries were naturalized as Iranian citizens and came to be classified as an ethnic group known as .Nonetheless, the events both proceeding and immediately following the Islamic Revolution of 1978-1979, which ousted the Pahlavi dynasty and the monarch, Mohammad Reza Shah, in favor of an Islamic theocracy, undeniably prompted the largest collective emigration from Iran (see sidebar for more on the revolution).Also included in this first period were families closely associated with the monarchy as members of the government, military personnel, or bankers.These royalist sympathizers fled during the early stages of the revolution, often with significant liquidated assets in hand.This mosaic of diverse ethnic groups is still visible in Iran today, where Persians compose only 51 percent of the population.Other groups include the Azeris (24 percent), Gilaki and Mazandaranis (eight percent), Kurds (seven percent), Arabs (three percent), Lurs (two percent), Baluchs (two percent), and Turkmens (two percent).

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In its recent history, Iran has laid claim to producing the highest rates of brain drain in the world while simultaneously topping the list as the world's largest refugee haven, mainly for Afghans and Iraqis.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, right before the revolution and subsequent closure of all the universities in 1980, there were 16,222 professors teaching in Iran's higher education institutions.

When the universities reopened in 1982, this figure had plummeted to 9,042.

Similarly, the estimated that one out of every three (5,000) physicians and dentists left after the revolution.

In addition to the reduction of manpower, studies estimate that the flight of capital from Iran shortly before and after the revolution is in the range of to billion.

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