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Well, that Christmas he drew me a picture of the other half of the bike, and months later, he delivered the gift to me, a used purple bike he had purchased for !My reaction at first was disbelief; he had given me nicer gifts while engaged.In retrospect, I suppose I might have seen this as a sign that Mark wasn't fully committed to me, and with the benefit of the knowledge I have about Mark now, I could point to this moment as a clear sign of things to come."Once in office, however, his habits deteriorated and he even forgot my birthday once. (My birthday is on September 11, and since 2001 Mark has learned to remember it without a reminder.)"Mark joined me at one Lamaze class before deeming it a waste of his time since, as he explained, "I've spent many long nights helping cows give birth and I know what to do when the baby gets stuck." Of course, many fathers still didn't attend births in those days, so Mark didn't really feel he needed to know too much about the human birthing process.Instead, my sister Kathy came to be with me for the birth."I remember the first birthday I celebrated after we moved south.

He is also active with organizations including Augusta Tomorrow and Historic Augusta Inc.That’s why I wrote to him, ‘I had a spectacular week, you know I love you, but I don’t want to continue in the category of mistress, and if we continue like this I continue in that category, and I can’t bear it anymore.It has been really painful to According to Chapur, she asked Sanford to keep their breakup private, but he posted about it on Facebook anyway.One birthday during the later congressional years, Mark decided to do something very nice for me.He had a friend pick out a diamond necklace and he had a staff member hide it in my closet.

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