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(And that said, other women do appear, of course, including the brittle and wise mother Myrtle, the tight-dressed ho Brenda, and Brian's estranged wife/Helen's childhood friend Debrah [Tamara Taylor], currently a crackhead in serious need of redemption.) While Helen's complications are made available in her voiceover, as well as in Elise's nuanced performance (this even as she performs some very unsubtle acts of vengeance against the bad husband), Madea alludes to another sort of tradition.On one hand, it's overtly comedy as commentary, Dame Edna/Harvey Fiersteinish drag, exaggeration that pokes fun at wearying gender expectations.Please let him say something stupid")Orlando is also upfront about his spiritual commitment, a point that provides much of Diary's energy: he insists that his faith gives him strength and a sense of peace, and moreover that Helen deserves all the good that he embodies (he cuddles with her rather than pressing for sex, they spend quality montage time laughing and engaging in outdoors activities).Even aside from the beautiful leads' romance, the film embraces a spiritual sensibility, as this grounds its most compelling story, that of writer/actor Tyler Perry. So excuse me as I live my life, go make my paper, stay fine at 47 and keep."He was soon inundated with messages of support from fans who applauded the way he handled the constant negatively. Keep winning love," one person said while another wrote: "OMG! He also likes to go out for stair climbing exercise as well.

But where the Lawrence performance in Big Momma's House, for instance, allowed his undercover detective to capture the bad guy and win the girl, Perry's incarnation brings something else, in that the comedy remains intact; Madea is not a means for some other character to become more finely masculine, but a way to model a raucous, powerful, but still jokey woman-ness for Helen.But she's soon encouraged to gather herself for payback by her ornery, weed-favoring grandmother Madea (one of the three characters played by screenwriter Tyler Perry, the others being Madea's skirt-chaser brother Joe and Helen's amiable cousin Brian).Hearing of baby girl's troubles, Madea comes to help with her flamboyant exit.Moreover, Perry's impressive and occasionally daunting multiplicity recalls Eddie Murphy's in the Klumps movies.Here, as with Murphy, the one-man-show aesthetic distracts from anything else that might be going on, including the Christian redemption story, Helen's emotional or moral evolution, or even Charles' own struggles.

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